The Archon Group

Noir Fantasies

A beautiful woman Alice Sinclair AKA: Lavender Saint is found dead under suspicious circumstances and an anonymous client wants the killer brought to justice at all costs.

Messege from Archon Researcher:
The book in question is the Tabula Bibliotheca Magicus. It is an early Imperial Roman era catalog of supernal and abyssal texts. Many books listed are likely fictional or drawn from older mythos though a few are safely in the hands of the Mysterium and can be viewed under supervision for the price of a favor. The page you faxed us specifically refers to the “Black Grimoire” a tome that purports to list the true names, natures and conditions for summoning and binding to service various spirits and “demons” known to the old world. Demons here is used loosely as the ancient willworkers rarely distinguished between Outsiders, the Demons of Pandimonium , or true creatures of the Abyss. Two creatures in particular are referenced (one assumes to prove the books authenticity) “The Shadowed Heart” and “She of the Thousand Burning Teeth”. The nails you reference are emblematic of the book itself as it was rumored to be bound with the nails of 4 crucified innocents.

A Night at the Museum

A client has asked the Archon Cells to “liberate” an artifact that is on its way to the American Museum of Natural History. The sarcophagus of Toth Amun is arriving from Egypt to participate in a research project on dating ancient biological material. The cell must acquire the casket by any means necessary, escape detection, and deliver the item to the client. The sarcophagus contains an a holy relic of the client’s people and he does not wish to see it desecrated. A packet with the relevant information will be taped to the underside of Seat 55L in the Manhattan Opera House

The House of Von Lichten

Franz von Lichten has inherited a large estate from his “Uncle” the Old Baron. The “Uncle” is actually a Vampiric Necromancer who occupied a castle on the old Austrian-Hungarian Boarder and built it into a massive fortress to conduct his research in private. Franz is a descendent of the Baron’s brother who kept the secret of the Vampire within the family for fear of his wrath. Now the Baron has been slain by what is rumored to be a group of Hunters in the area and the estate has passed to Franz. Knowing the kinds of horrors his Uncle preformed, Franz wants the castle cleaned out and made safe before his arrival.

The Baron conducted various necromantic experiments that never been properly cleaned up and are now running amok throughout the castle and surrounding village. An escaped slave has agreed to lead to Cell through the castle in exchange for helping him recover a doll that was stolen from him.

Hunter and Hunted

A Coven of Vampires has established a Club aimed to attract Goth kids and the Pseudo-Vamp crowd (mostly middle class and upper middle class teens) so as to provide a steady food source. A disease has broken out amongst the kids and is spreading to the Vamps.
The vampire Elder of the Area/ Owner of the Club is the client.
Relavent Info:
• The vampires don’t kill the kids they feed on many in one night rather than draining a few so as to avoid an investigation.
• Most of the kids think that the feedings were some sort of drug when they wake up. As drugs are plentiful, most don’t question this.
• Some of the herd have disappeared which has prompted a police investigation.
• The PCs must track the infection and either cure or cut out the cancer.

Mysts of the Eldar Gods

An Irish Ex-Patriot learns she has inherited a sizable estate on an island in the Irish Sea. She sends her fiancé ahead to get things ready for them while she ties up loose ends in the States. The fiancé disappears. The Cell is contracted to find out what happened to the fiancé, clear up some disturbing rumors and anonymous warnings about the island, and either save the fiancé or find justice for him

Unwelcome Visitors

Maximilian Blakney has died but cannot rest in peace. Unfortunately all his very greedy, very odd relatives neighbors have converged on his beloved island estate. A poorly thought out joke in his will has lead them to believe that there is treasure hidden somewhere on the estate. To make matters worse, one his nieces, a witch, has accidentally opened a gateway to the netherworld in attempt to find the buried booty. Now ghosts and spirits of all kinds including family old and new are roaming the estate and generally causing a ruckus. The ghost of Max wants all his unwelcome guests, mortal and otherwise, cleared out by whatever means necessary.


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