The Archon Group

Noir Fantasies

A beautiful woman Alice Sinclair AKA: Lavender Saint is found dead under suspicious circumstances and an anonymous client wants the killer brought to justice at all costs.

Messege from Archon Researcher:
The book in question is the Tabula Bibliotheca Magicus. It is an early Imperial Roman era catalog of supernal and abyssal texts. Many books listed are likely fictional or drawn from older mythos though a few are safely in the hands of the Mysterium and can be viewed under supervision for the price of a favor. The page you faxed us specifically refers to the “Black Grimoire” a tome that purports to list the true names, natures and conditions for summoning and binding to service various spirits and “demons” known to the old world. Demons here is used loosely as the ancient willworkers rarely distinguished between Outsiders, the Demons of Pandimonium , or true creatures of the Abyss. Two creatures in particular are referenced (one assumes to prove the books authenticity) “The Shadowed Heart” and “She of the Thousand Burning Teeth”. The nails you reference are emblematic of the book itself as it was rumored to be bound with the nails of 4 crucified innocents.



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