The Archon Group

The House of Von Lichten

Franz von Lichten has inherited a large estate from his “Uncle” the Old Baron. The “Uncle” is actually a Vampiric Necromancer who occupied a castle on the old Austrian-Hungarian Boarder and built it into a massive fortress to conduct his research in private. Franz is a descendent of the Baron’s brother who kept the secret of the Vampire within the family for fear of his wrath. Now the Baron has been slain by what is rumored to be a group of Hunters in the area and the estate has passed to Franz. Knowing the kinds of horrors his Uncle preformed, Franz wants the castle cleaned out and made safe before his arrival.

The Baron conducted various necromantic experiments that never been properly cleaned up and are now running amok throughout the castle and surrounding village. An escaped slave has agreed to lead to Cell through the castle in exchange for helping him recover a doll that was stolen from him.



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