Cecil "Clay" Limekiller

Tugboat owner, river guide, smuggler, exorcist


Subject: Cecil Limekiller
DOB: June 6, 1976

Limekiller was born in Hogshead, MO, and had a throughly unexceptional childhood. An average student, and a second string athlete, he showed no promise as a magician, non of the usual signs. By accounts young Limekiller was an affable, if directionless, boy, and upon graduation of high school he joined the Navy, more out of lack of prospects than anything.

In 1995, Limekiller, in a rare display of ambition, attempted induction into the elite Seal program, but quickly washed out of the reportedly grueling training regiment. In fact, he did not thrive at all in the military life, failing promotion at every turn, his duties mostly menial in nature.

In late 1996, while stationed in Sao Paulu, he was dishonorably discharged due to insubodination and “erratic behavior”, as well as some sort of incident that happened on September 11, 1996. I could not find out what exactly happened, but I theorize that this “incident” was Limekiller’s Awakening.

Limekiller’s trail becomes hard to follow after that. He somehow gained possession of a venerable tugboat, the “Quincy’s Coat”, and constantly moved throughout South America, cutting all contact with family and former friends. He worked odd jobs as a handyman, set himself up as a tour guide on the Amazon River at one point, as well as a freelance Exorcist, fortune teller and Bible salesman. He is also heavily suspected of drug smuggling and gun running. It is also believed that he has made enemies with one of his South American drug baron employers, which is why he’s so eager to enter our employment (and gain the benefit of out protection).

His magical talents seem to be mostly self taught, though we know he’s had contact with the Mysterium, and has smuggled artifacts for them. He is a Necromancer, specializing in communication with and control of ghosts. He is also believed to know some Time magic, though his exact abilities are still unknown, as he exchews (or does not know) flamboyant or vulgar magic as a rule.

Despite his talents (especially given his lack of formal training) I still disagree with his addition to the group. Limekiller is a liability. He is a drug user with a lack of drive or control, and a penchant for making messes others must clean. He is desperate, and we can use that, but he is not trustworthy. He is too weak. Be aware that if we use him for the Archon Group, we will likely end up having to kill him, like we do most Necromancers.


Cecil "Clay" Limekiller

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