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The Archon Group is the world leader in Supernatural Specialty Consulting. With millennia of experience we can provide the services to make your life or un-life as the case may be, as comfortable and worry free as possible. Our competent and professional agents ease the interactions necessary to deal with the mortal world. Some of our services include, but are not limited to:
• Legal Representation
• Governmental Interaction Negotiations and Facilitation
• Defense and Security Consulting Services
• Investigative and Intelligence Services
• Negotiation Services
• Location and Procurement of Items/Individuals
• Financial Services (to ensure that your wealth lasts through your immortality)
• Haven/Territory Acquisitions
• Research and Development
• Any Job You can Imagine

Call your Personal Account Executive for a customized quote. We use an iron-clad Blood Sealed Contract to give you the piece of mind that we will loyally carry out whatever service agreed upon.

///New Agent Orientation Guide\\\
The Archon Group is a multi-national corporation that specializes in services that the supernatural community do to their situation would not have ready access to. They use human and supernatural contractors to carry out assignments. These contractors are assigned a Cell. Each Cell has a corporate liaison that is responsible for assigning contracts, handling compensation, and managing resources and requisitions. Each Cell is assigned:
• -A Safe House
• -Some form of transportation usually a van or SUV
• -Basic Weapons Access with higher end gear available for purchase
• -Basic medical Access. This usually comes in the form of a contracted doctor.
• -Basic sustenance
• -Limited Contact Network. Access is on an as needed basis.
• -A Vault in the basement of the Safehouse with deposit boxes
• -A computer system with internet access
• -A spending account controlled by the Company Liaison

Each Contractor is assigned:
• -A smart phone on a secured network
• -A Swiss bank account for direct deposit of pay
• -A Deposit Box in the Safehouse
• -Company E-mail Account

Each Safehouse has
• Armored Vault with Safety Deposit boxes and Sound Proofed Interrogation Room
• Quarters for Each Contractor dependent of their individual needs. (Basement Room for Vampires, Garden Area for Werewolves, ect..)
• Workshop
• Library with Internet Accessible Computer
• Living Area with TV
• Recreation Room (usually has a pool table, darts game, stocked liquor cabinet)
• Escape Tunnel
• Security System and Brick Walled Lawn
• Garage
• Fully Stocked Kitchen with Human blood and Raw Beef in the Walk-in Freezer
• Conference Room

From the PCs Perspective: Each PC is new to the World of Darkness and was approached by a recruiter not long after their change. The offer goes like this: they could bow and scrape to the ancient powers that be, pawns for who ever is stronger than they, scrabbling to survive in the hopes that they will one day be the ones running the game or they can take their destiny into their own hands now. Have a safe haven, the backing of a major corporation, their basic need met and a place to grow stronger away from machination of those who would destroy them outright. On the flip side Archon gets willing contractors to handle every dirty mission and bring in metric tons of currency and what’s even more valuable, favors.

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